How to Build bigger Arms: Top Tips


Hello folks, today’s blog features – as the title suggests – a few guidelines on how to see more substantial growth on your biceps and triceps. If you’re like me, keeping your arms big is one of the toughest exercising challenges you can face. I actually spent a long time doing counterproductive exercises that were being more detrimental to growth than they were doing any good. For instance, I used dumbbells almost every day at one point for two weeks, giving my body no time to rest and as such, no time for growth. I also neglected to do any triceps exercises so any growth that did occur was happening unevenly.

How to Build bigger Arms?

You have to make sure you eat enough food, first and foremost if you are six feet tall and weigh 110 pounds you’re not getting enough energy to see any substantial growth. Gaining weight is tied to building muscle mass, however, when you gain weight, it should be because your muscles are getting bigger not because your body fat percentage is increasing. You should be eating proteins before or after workouts predominantly. Make sure you get lots of calcium into your diet as well, drink milk regularly, or if you’re like me and the very smell of milk makes you feel ill, eat probiotic yogurts, plain and simple, add berries and honey if you need to add some flavor.

It is also important to train all your other muscles, if you end up with huge arms but your chest isn’t broad and your stomach is bony and the skin is stretched out like a drum, you’re going to look at a bit strange, to say the least. Make sure you exercise all your muscles equally; full-body workouts are more successful than repetitive arm workouts. One of our recent blog posts gave you an entire full-body workout using only dumbbells, a good place for amateurs and novices alike to get lean.

If you need a few examples to get you started, here’s a brief least I threw together. Bench Presses, overhead presses, and push-ups work your triceps. The overhead press will give your triceps a particularly good workout. Pull-ups, chin-ups, and inverted rows will work your biceps. Pull-ups work several muscles at the same time and force you to pull your own weight up which is going to be a lot more than anything you’re doing with dumbbells. For your forearms, dead-lifts can be a fantastic method of exercise.

Following these tips and exercises will get you the results you want within weeks and months.

Stay healthy!

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