Is Apple Cider Vinegar Healthy? The Facts And Fables At A Glance!

It has been high on the list of miracle weight loss remedies for years: apple cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar . Numerous celebrities swear by it, and the list of miraculous benefits the drug is said to have is getting longer and longer. So it is not surprising that the demand for this vinegar is sky high.

But… how justified is that actually? Is apple cider vinegar indeed a panacea for your health, or are there any disadvantages?

In short: is goli gummies apple cider vinegar healthy?

Is apple cider vinegar healthy?


It may seem a bit of a crazy question whether apple cider vinegar is healthy. After all, you will find huge lists online of the miraculous effects that the drug is said to have, from beautiful skin to disappeared bladder infections. It has even been claimed that apple cider vinegar can prevent cancer . Then it must be healthy, right?

The problem? Many of these so-called benefits are not based on any proper evidence. In fact, sometimes they are even undeniably incorrect. We therefore discuss three categories below: proven benefits of apple cider vinegar, claims that have never been proven, and the less discussed drawbacks of apple cider vinegar.

Proven benefits of apple cider vinegar

The hype surrounding apple cider vinegar did not come out of nowhere. However, there are still some comments to be made with regard to some proven benefits … We will list them below.

Less carbohydrate absorption

Taking in some apple cider vinegar just before a meal reduces the breakdown of starch in your stomach. As a result, less carbohydrates are absorbed by your body than without that vinegar.

The result is that your blood sugar rises less, which, for example, reduces the risk of diabetes . You will also feel satiated a little longer and you will suffer less from the well-known after dinner dip.

But beware: this effect is less than is often claimed. Yes, the amount of sugars can be reduced by 20 to 40% – but only if you eat a really high-carbohydrate meal. If you eat fewer carbohydrates , or if your meal contains more fiber , the effect is much smaller.


A related effect is that apple cider vinegar can support the healthy bacteria in your intestines. That starch that is not broken down still has to pass through your intestines. There it serves as food for these good bacteria and thus functions as a probiotic.

Your gut bacteria are important because they help ensure that many nutrients are absorbed. They may even affect your mood and other bodily functions. In this way, apple cider vinegar can indeed have healthy effects.

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