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Muscle Building

Visual impact muscle building is a muscle-building program that I recently came across. I have used many muscle-building programs over the years but they typically focus on getting the bodybuilder look.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is different in that it focuses on building the lean muscular Hollywood look. This is what I have been aiming for all these years but there has never been a program focused on it.

I would rather look looking like Taylor Lautner or Brad Pitt rather than some big roid head or WWE wrestler that scares little children.

Muscle Building

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a book created for men who want to build muscle to get the lean “Hollywood Look”.

If your goal is to build huge muscles like the bodybuilders in the gym then this book isn’t for you. If you are a woman that wants to build some muscle and get in shape then you are probably looking for Visual Impact for Women.

How does this differ from other programs?

Rusty’s Visual Impact Muscle Building differs from other programs in that it includes 3 phases. Each phase focuses on a different element. The first phase is to build muscle, the second phase is hardening muscle and the third to get lean.

Most other muscle-building programs will simply focus on building muscle and don’t care where you build your muscle. Visual impact focuses on building muscle so your body is proportional and visual appealing not bloated like other muscle building programs.

What is the layout of the Visual Impact Muscle Building PDF?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program is broken down into 3 phases. Each phase has a specific purpose. Since each phase is unique they all provide different diet tips and post-workout nutrition advice. Each phase is 8 weeks so to go through the program would be about 24 weeks.

Phase 1 – This phase focuses on Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is basically the fastest way to increase muscle size. This phase will not make your muscles that much stronger.

Phase 2 – This phase focuses on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. This phase won’t make your muscles significantly bigger but will make them stronger. Your muscles will also harden up a bit.

Phase 3 – is for getting lean. This will focus on increasing the density of your muscles with some fat-burning strategic cardio exercise.

There is also a bonus phase workout routine that describes how Taylor Lautner got so ripped for his role in Twilight New Moon.

So to sum that up… Phase 1 is bigger, phase 2 is stronger, phase 3 is leaner and the bonus phase is ripped.

The program is set up that you can start on whichever phase you want to depend on your goals.

What is included with Visual Impact Muscle Building?

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program includes:

A 72-page e-book of advanced techniques for gaining muscle to create a sharp physique with hard muscles.
A FAQ section to clear up some of the common questions that most people have.
An interactive exercise demonstrations ebook. This manual has instructions and pictures for each exercise. It’s over 225 pages.
Printable workout charts that you use to record your workouts.

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